Payroll Dates

Trainers and Referees Payroll Summary

Work Period                                    Pay Date

Dec 25th - Jan 9th                            January 15th

Jan 10th - Jan 24th                           February 1st

Jan 25th - Feb 9th                             February 15th

Feb 10th - Feb 24th                           March 1st

Feb 25 - Mar 9th                                March 15th

Mar 10th - Mar 24th                           April 1st

Mar 25th - Apr 9th                             April 15th

Apr 10th - Apr 24th                            May 1st

Apr 25th - May 9th                             May 15th

May 10th - May 24th                         June 1st

May 25th - Jun 9th                            June 15th

Jun 10th - Jun 24th                           July 1st

Jun 25th - Jul 9th                              July 15th

Jul 10th - Jul 24th                             August 1st

Jul 25th - Aug 9th                             August 15th

Aug 10th - Aug 24th                         September 1st

Aug 25th - Sep 9th                           September 15th

Sep 10th - Sep 24th                         October 1st

Sep 25th - Oct 9th                            October 15th

Oct 10th - Oct 24th                           November 1st

Oct 25th - Nov 9th                            November 15th

Nov 10th - Nov 24th                         December 1st

Nov 25th - Dec 9th                           December 15th

Dec 10th - Dec 24th                         January 1st                                                                

*The Academy Directors (Club & AGA), Sporties/Kickers Director, and Referee Assigner are responsible for submitting their individual payroll reports to the Executive Director on the 10th and 15th of each month for processing and payment.